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Combining cloud-native capabilities in software and data engineering with an unparalleled track record of scalable re architecture and delivery.

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We believe in winning. We want to win for our clients, our team and our culture. Winning isn't a sometimes thing, it's an all time thing.

IOT Development

Connect the possibilities of the internet with real items. Change the physical landscape with internet connectivity

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Our Teams and Culture

We become one with any project we take on at WestPoint. We immerse ourselves in the project and do not feel a sense of accomplishment unless it has been successfully completed

Outstanding communication

Our internal communication standards are second to none and highly respected by our customers.

Rapid development

Highly skilled and efficient teams make for a culture of speed and quality development.

Delivery focused

Forget the bells and whistles and fancy sales decks. Delivery is winning and we want to win.

Working with Westpoint

Westpoint specializes in architecting scalable, serverless solutions focusing on creating efficient, cost-effective infrastructures that drive innovation and growth. Our approach enables companies of all sizes to seamlessly manage and analyze their data, fostering an environment that supports agile decision-making and strategic business planning.

Projects at WestPoint

Explore our portfolio of success stories showcasing how we've solved complex challenges for businesses across various industries.


Our team developed a big data solution using AWS to process and analyze large datasets from multiple sources. With advanced integration and analytics tools, we enabled real-time insights and data-driven decisions. The scalable architecture ensures reliable performance and cost-effectiveness, empowering the client to leverage data for strategic advantages.

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