What is serverless

The AWS serverless architecture is a form of cloud computing that provides the client everything they need without having to set up the system by themself. Let’s give an example of a function you need to run, like a “Hello World!”. Using AWS Lambda, you can simply type the code you need to get running and execute it. As simple as that. This kind of Serverless infrastructure allows you to focus only on what you need to get done, instead of having to take care of the entire process to get there.

"Westpoint has a very detailed knowledge of serverless architecture, design and implementation, whilst taking into account the timelines set by Belron® International's business units and is a trusted AWS implementation partner.

How it can help you to grow

The AWS Serverless architecture provides the best resources available to you with the best support available, leaving you with no worries about maintaining servers and scalability. This leaves more time for you to think about your clients, and how to improve your solutions for them, transforming maintenance time into development time!

How we can help you with it

Westpoint is a software consulting company partnered with AWS, and we are here to help you design and architect your applications, being those from scratch or projects that need migration, into the best cloud computing company in the world to bring your company to the future. The usage of serverless is exponentially growing, and we know you don't want to be outdated in the market, so contact us and we are going to build the future of your projects today!

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