About Full project

You know what you want, you have your deliverables, you just want it built. We can help. We have a strong experienced team that can take on large scale enterprise deliverables, from concept to deploy and deliver. Not only do we develop your code (which we hand over entirely to you, by the way) we also do something far greater than just build. We communicate. We pride ourselves on great code practise but even greater communication. As much as we automate in this world, at the end of the day we are humans interacting with humans which is why communication is so important. For us, saying yes, nodding then hiding away for 6 months with no comms only to come out of hiding and deliver a product which has changed or is not what you wanted doesn't work for us. Clear Deliverables, Clear code and even clearer communication. The Westpoint way.

How do we approach your Project?

Similar to how we approach a POC but with an added deep dive. We dig deep into your plans or existing set up with you and design a solution. We don’t want to say yes for everything. We know what we can do and we also know what we can’t do or what wont be right for your project. Once we are agreed on the solution, deliverables and the time lines we then get to work.

How do we build your Project?

We intro you to a dedicated team who will be working on your project from start to finish. We discuss how often you want catch ups, progression demos and communication. We usually assign a project manager to our team but we are more than happy for you to provide your own. Then starts the exciting journey. Weekly updates, clear communication and achieved deliverables. And once all is done, we will test, document and handover the project along with every line of code. Its yours.


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Class for Kids

Class 4 Kids, the market leader platform for extracurricular activities in the UK, decided to migrate some of their services into the AWS Serverless architecture.


Belron tasked Westpoint to produce an application which would improve the efficiency and reduce costs of an existing and instrumental process.


Toyota North America connected with Westpoint to help with the build and deploy of an identity Access management Project.


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