Free Consultation

We understand that starting a new project or using a new provider is not always the easiest thing to do. We also know that many companies have had varied experiences with previous consultancies and unfortunately not all experiences have been great, this is why at Westpoint, we offer full transparency in a free consultation as to how we will work with you, ranging from pricing, deliverables, dedicated engineers on your project and more. We will also be very transparent about any project which we feel we do not have necessary skill set or experience in.

Initial Consultation

As mentioned, we offer a free consultation so that we can understand your project or requirements. The initial consultation can take place at your office or ours, or if more convenient via a video conference call. We will make notes and listen to exactly what you want to achieve. We will then ask some technical questions and some business logic questions so that we can better understand how your company works or will work and your deliverables. We then invite you to ask us as many questions you may have about us, how we work, previous clients and anything else you may want to discuss. Our initial consultations are always personally attended by Mark and Leo, the founders of Westpoint. Please select down below to arrange a free consultation, look forward to hearing from you.

Next Steps

Depending on what your requirements and deliverables are we will create a bespoke proposal with architecture plans, costings and future assumptions. If you already have an existing infrastructure in place, we will ask for follow up calls or discovery sessions to look at your existing challenges or things that are working well for you. If you are a start up, then we will work to design a future proof architecture based on your product so that you can scale with pay as you go, helping your start up to not waste your precious start up capital on fixed server costs or unnecessary compute loads.


We at Westpoint understand that relationships are built on trust. Check out how we can start our long-term relationship with an incredible POC.

Full project

If a large scale project is what you need then we can help. Check out how we operate a full project and let's build an amazing product.

Class for Kids

Class 4 Kids, the market leader platform for extracurricular activities in the UK, decided to migrate some of their services into the AWS Serverless architecture.


Belron tasked Westpoint to produce an application which would improve the efficiency and reduce costs of an existing and instrumental process.


Toyota North America connected with Westpoint to help with the build and deploy of an identity Access management Project.


Free Consultancy

Get in touch with us and let's arrange a free consultation!