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Amazon Web Services

AWS has over 180 micro services, all of which enhance the serverless experience for your company, no matter the size. From Startups to giants such as Netflix making use of AWS, it is safe to say AWS will only get more popular and necessary. Our team is made up of Certified AWS developers and Architects, giving you the confidence that your vision and goals are in safe hands.

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JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted scripting language used to power multiple frameworks and runtimes, being one of the most reliable and versatile languages in the market. Our engineers use JavaScript and its frameworks on most projects to develop sharp and scalable products for you.

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Python is a high-level, open-source, interpreted programming language used for multiple purposes, even outside the development area, due to its performance and reliability. Our team uses it on all projects to create high-efficiency AWS Lambda functions and rock-solid backends for our applications.

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Docker, one of the most loved platforms by developers, is a container controller that allows our images to be deployed over a host in a secure and scalable method. Docker allows our engineers to containerize applications and systems, allowing a high scalability and easy maintenance for the product we deliver to your company and your clients.

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NodeJS is an event-driven JavaScript runtime focused for network applications and high concurrency. It is used by our developers to power the backend of the web applications with high concurrency and scalability, as well as bolster our Lambda functions in AWS with excellent performance.

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React is the most popular and solid framework for developing web applications, and our engineers excel in it, crafting the best website for you to compete on the internet.

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Forgerock is a company that provides solid, well-established IAM services to thousands of global brands. Our engineers who specialise in Forgerock IAM technologies are currently working with an enterprise client to provide identity access management services, account linking and global registration to their end consumer.

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Kubernetes is a container orchestrator that makes it easier to deploy systems, using a management pod to control all the Docker containers in the environment. We at Westpoint use Kubernetes to create robust, well-designed cluster infrastructures to best suit the project needs with high scalability and maintenance.

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Kafka is a message streaming software that our engineers use to build scalable, seamlessly real-time applications to create excellent user experience for your clients.


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