About the project

Toyota North America connected with Westpoint to help with the build and deploy of an identity Access management Project. Although still underway and in full flow, the project has had significant victories so far. Our dedicated team for this Project have been utilising their extensive DevOps knowledge along with Specific Identity providers such as Forgerock and OAuth to make serious ground in a high security project.

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The project scope

The world of Identity access management has been come increasingly significant and extremely sensitive. None more so than for giant enterprise companies who manage millions of users, each with personal data that must be protected. As this project is still on going we can not share specific details but we can say that Westpoint was tasked with creating a stable and secure platform for the use of Toyota North America end users. Previous consultancies were unable to deliver tangible results or did not have the relevant engineers to undertake such a task.

How we designed the solution

All of our engineers are not only certified AWS but have various certifications in IAM, IDP with the top 3 Security providers. This enabled all of our engineers to undertakes the project with experience and knowledge in DevOps and hard coding using Python, Groovy and others. We were able to please our client with significant victories and deliverables from the very start, which has enabled us to forge strong a working relationship with our client and given them enough confidence that we have been asked to take on another project with them.

Technologies we used on this project

To build this project, Westpoint selected some of the best technologies available in the market. They are: Forgerock as the AM and IDM provider, used for authentication and identity management. Groovy used as the programming language to create custom endpoints and IDM scripts. And JavaScript as the language to develop the frontend of the application.

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