About the project

A Leading Global glass replacement company with business units across the globe tasked Westpoint to produce an application which would improve the efficiency and reduce costs of an existing and instrumental process. This application would then be used to facilitate a smooth workflow for multiple business units across Europe. Although we are unable to give specific details regarding the project as it is still ongoing we can highlight and detail the AWS services we implemented for cost saving and efficiency to Belron.

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The project scope

Existing legacy systems are limited to how they can scale and what they can do for their end client. In the case of Belron a forward thinking plan was needed to implement AWS serverless into various aspects of their giant organisation. Westpoint put together a robust architecture plan which would allow for ease of scaling and cost savings using many various AWS micro services. Our Goal with Belron was a united one, we wanted to create a cost saving solution which could scale on demand and scale infinitely.

How we designed the solution

Based on AWS serverless services like API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB and Glue. Using API Gateway and Lambda we provided some endpoints that Belron could use to configure the system, and since Belron have business units across the world, these settings are applied only for the country the user is registered. Using only one endpoint, we could provide them the logic needed to automate a part of the work from business units, this endpoint registers data about the call in a DynamoDB table. The other side of the application is the analytics, where we use AWS Glue to automate the process of exporting data from a DynamoDB table to a Glue Database without the time overheads to manage migration or backup scripts. After that an Apache Spark job is triggered to generate analytics from the data in the Glue Database, in the end saving this data to a S3 Bucket and later querying all of this analytics using AWS Athena.

Technologies we used on this project

To build this project, Westpoint selected some of the best technologies available in the market. They are: AWS as the cloud environment, in which microservices such as Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda Functions and Layers, AWS Glue, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3. Python as the main programming language for the application, used from AWS Lambdas to AWS Glue jobs. And Apache Spark was used inside AWS Glue Jobs to perform data analytics on the incoming data.

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Belron testimonial

“Belron® International has worked closely with Westpoint Software solutions on an innovation and transformation project relating to the implementation of Amazon Web Services. In Belron® International's opinion, based on its experience in relation to this project, Westpoint has a very detailed knowledge of serverless architecture, design and implementation, whilst taking into account the timelines set by Belron® International's business units and is a trusted AWS implementation partner that can be given high level, sometimes varied requirements and produce a product that the business can use immediately. Westpoint have been proactive in working out how Belron® International's business works and implementing technology solutions that support Belron® International in new and innovative ways and in Belron® International's experience, Westpoint's communication and implementation skills have been outstanding.”


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