Who we are

Quite simply, we are a Serverless technology company offering our experience and excellent communication and code practices to architect, build, deploy and support your solution. We are old school, in the sense that we want to build lasting relationships with our clients. In a fast paced world of over consumption and millions of options available what makes Westpoint Standout? Our Philosophy is simple.


Founded by Mark Avdi and Leo Lam, Westpoint was designed to do what a lot of software consultancies fail to do, and it all starts with listening to our clients needs. We listen, explore, advise, build and we deliver. We want to Deliver for our clients, its as simple as that. And every developer who is part of the Westpoint family will be part of the Westpoint Philosophy.

Our goals

Build a company with great values and a great reputation.


Ensure that all our team members have opportunities to grow as people.


Listen to our clients needs and deliver solutions that clients actually need and are happy with.


Free Consultancy

Get in touch with us and let's arrange a free consultation!