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About our partnership

We are extremely proud and happy to be working as AWS consultant Partners. We pride ourselves on delivering best practise code, Architecture and results for all of our clients wanting serverless solutions on AWS. Our partnership is not just about developing products for you, but delivering solutions which can make the best use of AWS services and cost savings for your company as you scale on demand. With our AWS certified developers and Architects you can be sure that your existing infrastructure or future products are in safe hands. There are over 180 AWS micro services that can help your business. Knowing which services are the best fit for you is where we excel. We look at your Business model and/or product and we design a solution using the best services and practices that will help your goals whilst also saving money. We are already Lambda Service delivery Specialists and currently working on our Kinesis Service delivery Specialist partnership.

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AWS Consulting Partner
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Our experience with AWS

With different backgrounds and expertises, one thing is common at Westpoint: we have our certified AWS developers and AWS architects, which excel in one of the most broad and diverse environments in existence that is AWS. From APIs and Databases to Content delivery and Notification systems, our development teams will have the knowledge to provide you a product and service with the best the Serverless world has to offer. Get in touch with our CTO Mark Avdi, who has extensive experience as an AWS Architect and Developer, to know what solutions best fit your project. Whatever your project, we will be sure to deliver it with milliseconds of response time in our Lambdas and AWS optimisation.

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We at Westpoint are proud to be AWS Lambda Delivery specialists. Check out our experience and how we build your AWS Lambda function.


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