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We at Westpoint are proud to be AWS Lambda Delivery specialists. AWS Lambda is a computing service present in the Amazon Web Services that provides computing power in a scalable, maintainable method in virtual machines. We use Lambdas to ensure clients have broad coverage, adaptability, reliability and scalability. Our AWS Certified engineers at Westpoint work alongside our AWS DevOps professionals, who have expertise with AWS Lambda and AWS as a whole to develop an enterprise level solution for your business, with vast knowledge in how Lambda functions can be optimised for architecting your new product or moving your current systems onto the cloud. For instance, our Lambda deliveries provided one of our clients a solid infrastructure, capable of handling up to 3000 concurrent functions, with an uptime higher than 99% to connect with their other AWS services, reducing their needs of physical services and costs.


AWS Lambda is an extremely scalable service, and at Westpoint we take your product’s growth very seriously. We deliver Lambda functions able to run from the smallest amount of entries per hour, to thousands of requests at the same time, maintaining your sub second response time at all times.


AWS Lambda is an adaptable service in which the development team can use any of the multiple languages supported by it, Node.js, Python, Java, Ruby, C#, Go and PowerShell. At Westpoint, we architect your project and use the programming languages that best suit it for maximum efficiency.


We optimise the performance of each and every product we deliver, and Lambdas allow us to create functions with high concurrency, allowing your systems to respond to thousands of requests at the same time with a millisecond-low latency.


On AWS Lambdas, you pay-as-you-go. This means you are only going to pay for the processing time used for your system, nothing else. At Westpoint, the Lambdas and other AWS services will be fully optimised, reducing as many milliseconds as possible in each function with the goal to even further reduce the price you will be paying.

Our experience with AWS

With different backgrounds and expertises, one thing is common at Westpoint: we have our certified AWS developers and AWS architects, which excel in one of the most broad and diverse environments in existence that is AWS. From APIs and Databases to Content delivery and Notification systems, our development teams will have the knowledge to provide you a product and service with the best the Serverless world has to offer. Get in touch with our CTO Mark Avdi, who has extensive experience as an AWS Architect and Developer, to know what solutions best fit your project. Whatever your project, we will be sure to deliver it with milliseconds of response time in our Lambdas and AWS optimisation.

AWS Lambda Use Cases and Architecture

AWS Lambda is one of the most versatile existing AWS services, being part of almost every single AWS solution in the market. As Lambda Service delivery partners we understand how best to advise and implement Lambdas for all of our clients. Examples of these use cases, but not restricted to, are:

Data Transformation

With AWS Lambda, you can receive malformed data from any kind of application via Amazon API Gateway, use Lambda functions as the backend of your API methods to transform the incoming data into a viable schema that can be then saved into a database solution, such as Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB or Amazon Cassandra.

Data Transformation

Send scheduled emails

Using Amazon EventBridge, you can schedule a Lambda function to collect data on a storage or database service, such as Amazon S3 or Amazon DynamoDB, and send emails with this retrieved data using Amazon SES or Amazon Pinpoint.

Send scheduled emails

Manipulating files

Lambda can easily process high amounts of data, allowing it to do services of compression and conversion of images for better optimization, such as compressing images for static websites hosted on Amazon S3 or converting all your images into a single format.

Manipulating files


Amazon provides a tool to measure the costs if systems were running in AWS compared to usual server-based solutions, called AWS TCO. With this tool, the savings that would happen by using the AWS Serverless solution, calculating costs related to Servers, Storage, Network and IT Labor. To illustrate this amazing tool, we created a hypothetical situation for a simple server based in London. This server would be consisting of:

With these specifications, the tests ran and established that 67% of the costs on a 3-Year span for maintaining a server-based solution would be reduced by migrating to AWS. This represents, in the United Kingdom Pounds, a value worth £ 4,396,471. You can read a more detailed breakdown of our tests by reading the PDF report generated, or even try it with your own environment with AWS TCO.

Case Studies

Westpoint provides AWS Serverless solutions to solve all of our clients issues. In one case, a client of ours, a global car glass repair company, needed a solution to assist their technicians choose the right glass to use on each car. We take client security very seriously at Westpoint so an NDA will have to be signed if we are to show you certain aspects of our client case study. Please get in touch, we will be more than happy to talk in depth with you.


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