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All great buildings start with precise, and meticulously detailed architecture plans. For software development, products or projects this is also very much the case. The solutions we design for you are lead by CTO Mark and our team of certified AWS Architects and developers. Through a discovery phase with you, we understand your software/legacy system challenges both past and present and we become in tune with your visions and goals for your company or project. With a detailed knowledge of how and why you operate, we then architect a future proof, scalable, cost saving solution. Serverless architecture and engineering remove much of the need for a traditional always-on server component, and you can benefit from significantly reduced operational costs, complexity, and engineering lead time. Once you are happy with our architecture plans for your vision, we then progress on to the build and deploy phase. Our senior DevOps engineers ensure best practice of code build and CI/CD which in turn means more efficient and solid delivery for you. For an initial friendly conversation about how we can help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mark or Leo personally.

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We at Westpoint are proud to be AWS Lambda Delivery specialists. Check out our experience and how we build your AWS Lambda function.


We are extremely proud and happy to be working as AWS consultant Partners. Check out our AWS Partnership page for more information.


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