About us



With over 15 years’ experience as a Developer and Solutions architect, Mark, one of the Co founders of WestPoint has been located in Brazil for the past 2 years. He manages our team of senior developers in Brazil and uses his vast experience and knowledge to verify developers to work in our team.

We employ our developers full time and provide services to develop or fix code for start ups, scale ups and existing corporations in the UK. In between projects they work on in house WestPoint developments.

Mark physically works alongside the team so can oversee any project we undertake. Leo, the other WestPoint founder is based in London and runs the operations side. Coming from a customer service background, Leo ensures that clients and employees are all happy and that things run smoothly!

We offer 2 options.

1: We place one/multiple of our developers into your team for day rate and you manage the developer

2: We take on you project/architecture/solution and work with our team on your deliverables.


You, the end client need a project to be developed or you need an existing framework to be adapted or advanced. You need a developer or an architect. You put an advertisement out for a freelance/contractor developer. You find one. He/she fits the bill, slightly expensive but you go for them. Work begins. Issues arise, developer gets annoyed and leaves (a very common problem).

You put another advert out, this time for a full time developer. 6 months in, you realise that you’re tied in with someone who might not be that great at working on your vision or just cant do what you need.

You think about hiring a UK consultancy, they quote you mega bucks, then you think about not hiring them.

You look east, Poland and Portugal are becoming increasingly expensive with day rates close to UK developers. You look further east to India. India is +5 .5 GMT which causes massive time delays and communication issues. India assures you they have someone to work UK 9 to 5 hours, someone who will stay overnight in the office. That someone has a terrible way of life, they realise it and they jump ship, then starts a cycle of lots of different people who introduce themselves but can’t actually make decisions. Philippines, +8 hours, please see previous.

Why Brazil?

First of all, not to worry, we are a UK, VAT registered company so we adhere to all GDPR, IPO, insurances and UK rules and regulations. We also take payment in GBP.

Back to Brazil:

Brazil is slowly and quietly emerging as a tech force to be reckoned with.

Brazils Git Hub contributions is now ranked number 6, higher than Poland, Portugal and Lithuania. This shows steady growth for a nation not even considered to be on the Tech World map.

Git hub – open source account

  1. United states
  2. China
  3. India
  4. UK
  5. Germany
  6. Brazil

The Brazilian economy hasn’t grown so much in the last few years which means currently and probably for the next 5 years, we have access to awesome developers at a great price. We pay them above average salary and we employ them full time which offers them stability and offers us loyalty.

Our Brazilian Developers are ONLY in time zone GMT -2 TO -3. Working hours are adapted to UK hours without disruption of life compromising to our developers or to you.

Happy developers write happy code. Communications flow because we start our day and end our day with you.

Price – we can offer most of our developers at more or less half the price of the same experienced and qualified UK developer.

Shared holidays with the UK. Helps with workflow management.


No Visa, No problem.

UK allows Brazilian Nationals to visit the UK for up to 6 months without a tourist visa or business visit Visa. This means our developers can visit your company for integration if necessary. OR, if you scale with us and use a few of our developers, why don’t you come over to Brazil to meet the team working on your project.